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Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

A few of our students have had the chance to work at the Sutton Place Hotel.

Situated in the heart of Vancouver, this exceptional hotel offers elegance, an European charm and hospitality, a relaxing Vida Spa and a refined Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar.
This hotel is an excellent place to help students pursue their hospitality career. 

Vancouver Fashion Week

IHMC had been supporting the Vancouver Fashion Week for over a decade.
Between March 20th - 25th, 2018,  Imperial Hotel Management College students will be participating to help make this event a success.
Doors open at 4:30 pm, Show starts at 5:00 pm. Complimentary tickets for current and graduated students are available from Student Services.

Good France at le Crocodile Restaurant

A global French cultural event and food & wine celebration.
Today two faculty members and three current students, Rohan, Tatsuya and Victor joined le Crocodile restaurant for the 4th annual 2018 Good France dinner, 2000 Chefs, 2000 Menus and 5 Continents.
Le Crocodile is the top French restaurant in Vancouver, and Chef Michel Jacob prepared a 5 course dinner to celebrate French and Alsatian gastronomy.  Our group of 5 used the opportunity to deliver a mini-workshop covered basic dining etiquette and food and wine pairing. A French white Rhone, Sauturnes, red Bordeaux, as well as a dry BC riesling were tasted.
The new French Consul General, Philippe Sutter also attended to support the event.

Friday Tasting

Today we "travel" to Ireland ! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Ireland is known for some delicious beverages including Guinness beer, Irish Whiskey & Bailey's Irish Cream.
Imperial Hotel Management College invites all students today, from 4pm to 5pm, to taste and learn more about these beverages to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.
We are looking forward to seeing you all!
#FridayTasting #events #FoodandBeverage

Where is Everyone?

latest update sorted by countries alphabetically
this is the list of where students and graduates
have been offered employment

Fairmont Southampton, Southampton, Bermuda

Air Canada, Canada
Bank of Montreal, British Columbia, Canada
Bank of Nova Scotia, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Best Western Hotel, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Blue Horizon Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Burberry, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Caffe Artigiano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Calhoun's Bakery Cafe, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Canadian Forces, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Carmana Plaza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Chateau Beauvallon, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Cin Cin Restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Coast Restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Comet Strip, Richmond, British Co…

Hospitality veteran Michael Kaile Q&A session with our students

Today our students had the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael Kaile and engage on a Q&A session where he shares his vast experience in the Hospitality Industry. Mr Kaile has an extensive experience, and has managed hotels for over 40 years including Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, Fairmont Dubai, Fairmont Whistler and Fairmont Abu Dhabi.